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Hi! My name is Linda Main. My husband Kevin and I live here at Windswept. We have raised 2 wonderful children, horses, and dogs on our beautiful farm. We're lucky to live close to Kevin's family farm where he works alongside his brother, nephew, and son. He also has almost singlehandedly created everything here but the house!

A farmer has many talents and Kevin has built everything-barns and all. Whether it's fixing what is broke or helping me with chores. Kevin may be found just holding a horse for me, or more importantly just being there when I need him.

I've been told I have puppies just because my kids won't let me baby them anymore. This may be true, but our lives change so fast-my kids grew up and got married and are now having babies of their own!

Our daughter, Emily, is an attorney in Florida, with a great husband Dave and a bouncing baby boy-Owen. Emily and Dave will be having a new son December of 2012.

Our son Jason lives out his goal of working on the family farm and raises cattle with his cousin Adam. Jase has a lovely wife Cari and a beautiful daughter "Alexis" and new son "Cooper".

Dogs and horses have always been a big part of my life. I show a Paint Horse and enjoy boarding other horses, and the people who come with themtoo! I have owned and loved many breeds of dogs, but none any sweeter or more fun than corgis.

A corgi will make you laugh every single day I promise. They are smart, happy, beautiful and loving. They will be just as happy laying at your feet or computer as they are running circles around the barn or perhaps the picnic table or you!

I invite you to visit us often and see what's new here at Windswept.

I have added a Family Gallery so that I am able to share my family from time to time.

Family Fun

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Family Fun

The Corral

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The Corral

Windswept Little Helpers

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Windswept Little Helpers