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Thank you for taking the time to get acquainted with how I place my pups here at Windswept.

#1 All Windswept puppies are placed in pet homes as companions. This means all puppies will be placed with AKC Limited Registration Status.

#2 Windswept has NO SHIPPING POLICY, our families are encouraged to come to Windswept to finalize the purchase of your Windswept Corgi.

Throughout the years of trial and error I try to make things as easy, straight forward and fun as possible.

Once we have a verbal and monetary commitment to one of my pups we can both sit back and enjoy watching your new Corgi family member grow and mature until the departure date arrives.

As a breeder the only way I know for sure that a puppy is spoken for is with a monetary commitment.

Deposits for a Windswept Corgi will be half the agreed upon purchase price. Email works best for me since I am in and out often.

I have elected to keep pricing off of our public website. Pricing and purchase will remain private between myself and new family member.

We encourage our families to share their Windswept experience with our updates and puppy pictures.

Once a verbal commitment is established, there is a 3 day window for your check or money order to arrive. I will let you know promptly when I receive it and appreciate your promptness as well.

The only time a deposit will be refund is if said puppy expires or I am not able to full fill your puppy needs. Changing your mind does not qualify for a refund of deposit.

I put a tremendous amount of time and effort into my pups and families and it is important we are all on the same page.

Rearing a litter of pups take time, yes I enjoy what I do but I also need to make sure that my families understand that without my guidelines things can get quite hectic with managing my families.

I will thank you in advance for understanding.
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