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9-20-13 Update
Hi Linda!!!

Hope all is well and just wanted to send a few pictures of Zoe and Layla. The two of them are getting along so well, and Layla has so much personality. She is such a curious little puppy and is not afraid of anything!! Zoe and Layla love to play outside and have so many dog friends in the neighborhood!! Thanks again for everything and hope you enjoy the pictures....many more to come!!!

Sarah and Steve

Hi Linda!!!

I hope you are doing looks like you are super busy with all those new litters of puppies!! I just wanted to send you an email along with some pictures of Zoe!! She is such a well behaved dog!!! We love her so much and am so happy that we found her through you.

Steve and I have been wanting another puppy for a while, and I have kept a close eye on your website and got so excited when Jolene had her puppies!!!

We think now that Zoe is 2 years old, she is ready for a sister!! I know that the puppies probably go fast, so that's why I wanted to send you an email to let you know that we are definitely interested in a female puppy.

Also, just thought you might like some more pictures of Zoe!!

There are two different Halloween pictures of her, her first Halloween she was a shark and then this past Halloween she was a dinosaur!! There are a few of her just laying around and relaxing just looking cute! She loves being outside and posing for the camera (I always think she's smiling for the camera!), as you can see in the picture of her with the soccer ball. The other picture has all of her toys on the ground because she couldn't decide which one she wanted to play with!! Steve had that picture made into my IPhone cover lol!!!

Hope all is well and hope you enjoy the pictures of Zoe!! Hope to talk soon!

Thought u might enjoy seeing Zoe at almost a year old. Here are some pics of a cute Corgi
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