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Hi Linda,

Hope that all is well with you. I have a few minutes to share with you. Lucy doesn't stay still long.

I hope you get these for I am just starting to send pictures after all these years. As you can see in the one
picture, she loves to be by the shephard. He puts up with alot from her, but when he gets tired of her, he gently
puts one paw on her and she stops. The first time I saw that I almost die, I though oh no he is going to hurt her,
but he doesn't. I even called the vet and she told me he is fine.

I go back and look at the puppys that you had and they are all so cute. My next favorite was Mo. I know that
when it well be time. I am coming back to you for another one.

There are day that she is our precious one and other days she is the devil dog. You can't believe someone so cute can
get in so much. The engery that this one has is unreal. But she is keeping young.

Linda, I can't thank you enough for her. Today, we were talking and we know she was meant to be. For when I showed my
husband other corgi's even cheaper they just didn't do anything for her. When I told him about her and then showed him her,
the look are his face. But it took him from Wednesday to that Friday when I called you back for the second time. He just
couldn't get her out of his head. Let me tell you my husband is a penny saver. I really thought he would say no she is to much
but boy did he surprise me. And it is the one of the best ones that he did. We love her so much and I even believe Reilly does
to. I am so happy that they get along so well.

It is so funny when we walk them together, the look on people faces. Isn't he going to hurt her look at the side. She may be small
but she doesn't know it.

Well, I bored you enough I just wanted to show you are cute she is . She is getting big. We can't tell that much but everyone else
says so.

Take Care,

Lorraine & Lucy Sue

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