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Windswept has a No Shipping Policy. We have always encouraged our families who commit to a Windswept Corgi to take the time to come personally and finalize the purchase of your new puppy. When our families or a specified individual comes to Windswept, they are able to view the puppy in it's environment and we are able to go over all paper work face to face. This is helpful not only to you as the "buyer" but for us as the "seller". We can all be sure we agree on a sound, healthy happy puppy.

This map is a detailed local area map of ALTONA.

You can see the Mississippi River to the upper left. We are close to the IOWA/ILLINOIS BORDER. We are 3 hours south of CHICAGO OFF I-80, 21/2 hours north west of SPRINGFIELD OFF I-74, 40 minutes South East of the ILLINOIS QUAD CITIES (Moline, Davenport, Bettendorf, Milan) OFF I-74 E.

I am more than happy to meet you at the Moline International Airport in Moline Illinois. You will need to make the arrangements with the airline of your choice.

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