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Dear All,

Well, what an exciting week I've had. My new mum says I am growing like a weed whatever that means and so I have a new bed which I can stretch out in and all my legs stay on the inside. I've learned to do gardening which is very good fun. You use your front paws to dig and dig and dig and then when you find things you pick them up and throw them as far as you can! Mum says these things are called bulbs so she puts them back in as fast as I dig them up and then we do the whole thing again. I am sending you a picture of me and my uncle Troy, he is very big and I walk under him when it rains. I hope everyone is well and behaving very badly. Love from Matty Bean.

PS I found him this morning with a pencil in his mouth trying to write you a postcard, we had a long chat and agreed that I would type his message for him as his handwriting is really pretty awful, so here goes...

dear all,
I have so much news! First of all I have seen the ocean and it is huge! and it is very wet and no matter how much I bark at it, it just does what it wants. My new mum says that's like me! She says I'm a very stubborn and opionated puppy {whatever that means} but usually she's hugging me when she says it so it can't be too bad. I have learned to walk on a leash, boooring!!! I hate my leash. I want to run in the long grass and dig in the sand and splash in the muddy puddles which I do when no-one is looking. My new family laugh at me a lot and cuddle me a lot too. I hope you are all being very naughty, I will write to you again soon. I'm sending you two pictures of me on the sand and one that my new mum says you must see because it is so cute. Ugh! Love from Matty Bean.

Dear Linda, here are the first pictures of Matty Bean in his new home. As you can see, day one was pretty much given over to dozing by the fire, exploring the grass and then more dozing. He is a true delight, very brave and fearless. He can already clamber up the stairs and is busy terrorising our 160lb Newfie. Yesterday he walked with us for one whole mile which is quite something given how teeny he is. He eats well and sleeps very well and is completely in charge of the entire household. By next week he will be in control of the whole Island. We fully expect him to run for President in 2012!

Hello everybody, it's been so long since I wrote you a postcard but you must forgive me because I have been very, very busy promoting the cause of Corgis everywhere.
First of all, they thought I would get lost in the snow and let me tell you there is SNOW!!!! But they didn't yet know about the determination of us boys and girls from the welsh valleys! I polished up my paws and gathered all my courage and raced and swam through those snow drifts like a champion. It was even better than the ocean. Here is a picture of me with my number three mum. She came to visit and is really good fun. She let me sleep IN HER BED with covers and everything.
I have to work hard to keep my family obedient and safe and in return they give me yummy food. They seem to like to cuddle me a lot which I pretend is yukky but is really pretty nice. I hope you are all very well and behaving as badly as possible. I will send you another postcard soon, love from Matty Bean

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