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Vinnie and Nessie at home, they are wonderful and love being outside and getting all dirty!!

Hi Linda
Got home late Saturday night and we were really glad to be there, we had huge head winds all through South Dakota so it took us awhile. Thank you so much for all the info and we can not begin to tell you how much we love our puppies. They were great travelers and had the full back end of the car. Nessie found her place between us on the arm rest and would run Vinnie off but he had plenty of soft places. We found we could usually guess when the pups needed to go and when there was an accident they used the pee pad! We kept food in the back and when we stopped to exercise and potty we gave them water. They really like to pull on carpet...really had to watch them at the hotels as I am sure they could smell old spilled food. They really get into wrestling matches with a lot of growling but then sleep on or next to each other, wears them out. The play time in the hotel room could get a little loud so that was probably the only thing we had to keep control of. They are doing really well on the leashes after 4 days on the road, Nessie would just plop down and not move but now she is a trooper. At home they have decided deer poo is really great...UG! They love their mud room and have no problems when we put up the gate. We think they are VERY smart.

You have a wonderful breeding program and if you ever need references call on us. We plan on micro-chipping them and will check with the vet tomorrow. Will try to send pics after we get our house back in order this week. Thank you again.

Charlene, Charlie, Nessie (who is a real cuddle bug) and the big man Vinnie.

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