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Created 3-Apr-14
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Hi Linda,

Can't believe it was two weeks ago that Renee and I picked up the puppies. Just wanted to let you know that Mandy is doing great and already ruling the house. She and Jake play a lot. She loves her back yard and understands what it means when I say its time to go outside. She gets so excited and starts "barking" and runs to the back door along with her big brother Jake. She is definitely a little talker and has an opinion about everything.

She is doing her business outside about 90% of the time. She still has "accidents" in the house but is looking for the pee pads about 50 percent of the time. For her age, I feel she is doing quite well.

She learned very quickly that she gets a treat when we come back in the house. She gets so excited when we come back in and starts jumping up and down and barking. Have finally gotten her to sit to receive the treat. So now we jump up and down while I am getting the treats out of the jar and then immediately sits to get it. She is one smart cookie.

Sorry I don't have any pictures yet. She is always on the move. Hoping to get some around Easter when I have the family here.

Renee is back in Florida so Miley got another road trip. We are planning for the girls to have a "play date" when they get back in a couple of weeks.

Heard they were forecasting some bad storms for the Midwest today....hopefully they miss you.

Have a good weekend.

Betty and Mandy

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