Windswept Corral and Corgis | 5 weeks
Created 3-Sep-15
11 photos

Wow, 5 weeks old already and we are in a last of Summer Sizzle going on here in Knox County and Windswept this week. As you can see I have my little helpers today and I was pretty thankful they could help wear these pups down to sit still for a quick picture.

This is the fun age, pups are active playful and love the attention the kids give them. One thing for sure everyone sleeps well at bedtime.

Enjoy the pictures and the end of summer, fall is just around the corner.
Hiccup Spoken ForJake Spoken ForJason Spoken ForJeffrey Spoken ForJohn Spoken ForJoJo Spoken ForNacho Spoken ForLexi with Hiccup getting a snuggle inLexi thinks JoJo needs a hug tooCooper has Jeffrey and is on Paw Paw Patrol.

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