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Prior to pick up your vet appt. should be scheduled from within 3 days of date to pick up. This is important to all involved so that all parties are in agreement that your new puppy is in fine and good health. If you want the health guarantee to stay in effect. Honestly, some people just wait until pup is 9 weeks old. That is when the second shot is due.

It is recommended by Windswept Corgis that at this appt. no shots will be necessary. This is only an overall good health check up.

Pleaset take the “Shot Schedule” given to you by Windswept.

At this time you will discuss shots needed for your area. It is recommended that your new puppy only get the required shots stated as they can be very hard on puppies and sometime adverse affects can happen.

You will also at this time discuss the best time to start your new puppy on “Heartguard” medication. It is recommended that you start the puppy at an appropriate weight and time of the year when it is actually in need. Again, over medicating can cause serious side effects and even death.

Below is the schedule and vaccines that I use.
6 Weeks Wormed with Nemex
6 Weeks Duramune Max CVK
9 Weeks Duramune Max CVK
9 Weeks Bordetella
12 Weeks Duramune Max CVK-4L
15 Weeks Duramune Max CVK-4L
15 Weeks Rabies Vaccine

Departure Dates:

When I have a litter I will set a departure date. I usually start releasing pups between the 7 & 8 week age. Over the years I have found this age is perfect for release dates.

When thinking of bringing home a Windswept Corgi take the time to look at the date set and your personal schedule. It is very important that I stay true to my dates set. I usually will work around a Saturday along with whoever can arrive on the prior Friday. This insures all the pups are placed and doesn't leave one lone puppy sad waiting for its new family.

This too will insure at that our Health Certificate issued by my vet will be current.

I would again like to thank you all in advance in understanding that departure time for Windswept puppies is a busy time. We want to make sure our families have the information and time to go over our paper work.
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